Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my first award!!

i got my first blogger award!! yay!! thanks to kelly at journey to a new me

i have to pass it on to 12 people, so i chose blogs i read most often, those that inspire me, and some that are just really cute :) here it goes, in no particular order:

1. sarah at operation size 8

2. linds at ramblings of a fat girl

3. mrs fatass at did i just eat that outloud

4. debbie at becoming an ex yo-yo dieter

5. purple_moonflower123 at it's not a diet, it's a weigh of life

6. spunkysuzi at spunkysuzi working towards a healthier me

7. monica at confessions of a + sized girl

8. kelly at journey to a new me (i know you gave it to me, but i'd give you one too, so here :) )

9. the accidental fat chick at (self-titled)

10. tonyne at the unlikely success story

11. jack at jack sh*t gettin fit

12. syl at live, smile, run

thank you all for motivating and inspiring me to be a new person! i've really stepped up my efforts! you all make blogging just that much more enjoyable :)

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