Wednesday, March 17, 2010


so i've been doing relatively well this week so far... i'm not counting points, i simply need a break from dieting... or, i guess, being on a low-calorie diet plan, since we're not supposed to think of it all as "a DIET" blah blah blah... but seriously? i'm hungry right now? i just ate breakfast... i mean, it's only been less than an hour... and i'm hungry? seriously? SERIOUSLY? i don't know what i'm going to do with myself here... maybe it's from all the binging and my stomach has stretched out... which if that's it, how am i ever going to get back to a 'low-calorie diet plan' (blah blah blah)... fine, HOW AM I GOING TO GET BACK ON MY FRICKIN DIET?? it's dress down day at school, so we get to wear jeans... i put on my favorite pair, and they are too tight... TOO TIGHT? GREAT! i need to get back to it and lose the weight i've gained over the past month of nothing but binging, but how will i ever do that if i'm hungry ALL THE TIME?!?!?!

ok enough whining... i did ride my bike to school every day so far this week, which puts me at at least ten miles a day, which is a good start.. plus it's supposed to be really nice tonight, so i hope to log at least fifteen, if not twenty... (which, you'd think would help me lose weight, but it's not)... and then i plan to ride to the y tonight and lift some weights... i really should go to the deep stretch class, since some of my muscles are so tight, but i don't know if i'll quite make it... i mean, i have to be home at some point to cook dinner, right? cuz i'm hungry every five fllippin minutes! ok, ok, ok, i'll stop...

on a much more positive note, it's hump day! and st. patty's day!! happy green!

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