Tuesday, May 18, 2010

oa disaster

OK, so, yesterday, yeah - i was WAY exhausted... needless to say i went home right after work and slept for an hour and a half... which is kind of odd for me, since i don't really nap that much (i mean, i try to, by my mind is usually racing enough to keep me awake)... anyways, so the hubs ended up cooking dinner don't you love this man! while i cleaned up a little, then we went to our softball game...

now i've mentioned before that i SUCK at softball... i'm certainly the worst on the team... i really think the only reasons why i actually get to play is 1. it's a church league and they have all those moral issues on fairness and 2. my dad is kinda the coach... but LET. ME. TELL. YOU. the team played awful! we were mercied like 14 to nothing... and who got one of only two actual hits the entire game?? yeah, that's right baby, me... suckas!

so after the game, which was at six, the hubs rushed me to my oa meeting... i got there at 7:30, and it starts at 7, so i was late... i knew i would be tho, but i wanted to go anyways... this totally shows dedication out of me, because i wouldn't normally walk into a meeting a half an hour late - i'd just skip it all together... but i really really REALLY wanted to go... so we pull in and there's all these cars... i was so excited because the last meeting i was at, there were only four of us... there had to be ten cars there!! HELLO - this should have been my first sign! by the way, let me add that at this point it was raining... anyways, so i made the hubs wait til i was sure i could get in and then he could leave - he was going to just come back and pick me up when the meeting was over... so i get in and he leaves... i walked downstairs and walked right into the meeting, announcing 'sorry i'm late, i was at a softball game, which you can tell from my lovely uniform here'... all of a sudden it hits me - this is totally not the oa meeting... as a matter of fact, there were a couple people in there that i even knew... they all just stared at me... i could hear the freaking crickets! by this time my face was on FIRE... i was like 'oh, ummmm, ummmm, ummmmmm, i don't think i'm in the right meeting', quickly said hi to the peeps i knew, turned around and dashed out... i'm pretty sure i ran out of there faster than i ran to first base in the softball game... so yeah, the oa meeting must have been canceled or not enough people showed up or something... nice, huh? yeah, nice and EMBARRASSING... i went outside, called the hubs to come get me right away, and waited in the lovely rain... i couldn't stand under the overhang, because there was a window down to where the people were having their meeting and they would have saw me just standing there... WHAT. A. FIASCO.

by the way, i just want to mention - is it wrong of me to wonder if i could get away with bringing a couple snacks to my oa meetings? just checking, because the thought occurred... i need help!

anyways, so on Blog to Lose, i decided to join a weekly challenge group... this week, the challenge is to have no nighttime snacks... i did very well last night! the only thing was, the hubs 'surprised' me by stopping at dairy queen after he picked me up from my embarrassment non-existent meeting... he had no idea that i was trying not to have snacks, so he thought he was being a sweetie (it's usually me BEGGING to go to dq!)... i ordered a blizzard and again, ate half and put the other half in the freezer... i was soooo proud of myself, once again (i just did this the other night as well)... that wasn't really considered a 'nighttime' snack seeing as how it was only 7:30, so i figured i was ok... and then, as we were laying in bed, the hubs announced he was hungry and went to make popcorn... OMG it was hard to resist... but i did! YAY!! day one of the challenge - success!

plans for tonight - dentist appt. right after work, then grocery shopping for dinner, then core class and yoga! stay strong everyone!!


Lindsay said...

So, no more OA meetings or what? And there wasn't a sign on the door or anything?! I'm so sorry you had to go through that.. yuck!

But great job setting goals (even small ones) for yourself and achieving them- snacks of ANY kind are hard to resist, so great job! :]

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Oh no! Poor you - and you were so committed to going to the meeting

Not easy when your spouse is bringing home junky stuff, even if he means well!

LauraLynne said...

I have yet to make a single OA meeting for a variety of reasons. I ended up crying in my car because I was late and didn't know which door to use last weekend. This weekend I plan on telling the rest of the world to bug off, I'm going to get there early and by God, I will make it to my first OA meeting.
My daughter works at DQ...eek!! But they have a fudge bar that really good and only 50 calories!! so I indulge every now and then (while my husband eats delicious blizzards...sigh)

Laurie said...

Eating 1/2 of a Blizzard is a HUGE accomplishment!!! Also saying no to the popcorn. Sorry about your non-exisitent meeting and the embarrassment it caused. :(

Tricia said...


Lindsay said...

I always think it would be fun to play softall but I know I would suck. I am sorry about your meeting.

Anonymous said...

We could hang together! I've done the wrong meeting thing. It's not pretty and It is hard to stop replaying the horror in your head!

Chibi said...

Oof! That would be embarrassing! However, totally not your fault that no one let you know it was cancelled/posted a sign on the door, so don't sweat it.

As to the snack thing, I've never been to an OA meeting, but my first reaction was "not okay" - it just seems... wrong to take food to an OA meeting, you know? Sorry I can't elaborate more.