Thursday, May 27, 2010

blog award

i know, guys, i was MIA yesterday... i was soooo busy since it was our last day of school for the week (next week is our last week for the summer!! YAY!!!) anyways...

i got two blog awards within a week :) this one is the beautiful blog award:

the rules are you have to give it to seven people and write seven things people don't know about you... so first thing's first, here are the seven awesome people i would like to give this too:

there are TONS more i could give this to because i read so many beautiful blogs!!

so here are the seven things you don't know about me:

1. my middle name is marie... it's sooo common, but i love it because i share it with my nana - who i'm very close to
2. i've been with my husband most of my adult life - we started dating when i was 18
3. my husband owns a campground... it's awesome! we have a really good time in the summer just hanging out by campfires and then instead of sleeping in a tiny camper, i get to walk home to my king sized bed... talk about the life!
4. i hate that i'm at a really awkward age in life - i'm too old to be immature, but i'm too young to act like an old lady... it makes clothes shopping pretty tough
5. my most favorite show of all time is the office... i have all the seasons on dvd so far, i never miss an episode, and i have all kinds of crap from the show - such as my dwight shrute bobble head that sits happily on my desk at school
6. i just finished my masters degree in special education... i took most of my classes online at Liberty University.... i HIGHLY recommend that school - it was a great experience
7. ready for this? my husband is 19 years older than me... yep, i know what you're thinking and there's nothing you could say or think that we haven't already heard.... i'm 25 - you do the math :)

well there ya go - seven things you would probably never have thought of me :)
have a nice thursday everybody!


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Wow Crystal, thanks for this award, too! You are too kind!

I liked the extra info about yourself. We are "Office" obsessed at our house...if there's something with a double meaning said, "That's what she said" follows it. I even got Mr. Debbie a t-shirt that says it too.

If he (your husband) is the one, then he's the one. That's it and that's all...I can't even imagine what people have said to you guys!
Sounds like you don't care-that's great!

Tricia said...

congrats on your award! and so cool about the campground

Kelly said...

THANK YOU soooo much !!! :)