Wednesday, April 21, 2010

why did i get rid of my fat clothes?

sooooo, today is day three of the new weight watchers program... i say new, even tho it's not really, because i've recently restarted my journey... after a ten pound gain, i'm ready to lose it again, and get back into the clothes in my closet...

it's ridiculous the depression that comes from looking at a huge closet full of clothes you can't wear... i lost some weight and went down a size... i took the advice i've read in several places to get rid of my 'fat' clothes because that supposedly keeps you from gaining the weight... well i did and now i have nothing to wear! it was a good idea in theory... except theory doesn't help my food cravings and binges that have lead to needing those clothes again... a few of the pants i gave to my stepdaughter i could ask for back... but i'm thinking that would be rude :(

so i guess i'm stuck with one option - loss the weight... and then some, hopefully! again, i'm not going to get to my original goal, but i can make a new one and really strive for it... with summer coming up i can't imagine wearing capris and tanks looking like i do right now, let alone my bathing suit... i mean, i wasn't by any means attractive looking in them when i was ten pounds lighter, but the extra weight really doesn't do well for my confidence... at least i felt decent when i was a little lighter...

i've also realized i don't really have any workout clothes that fit... i usually wore adidas 'swish' pants (i have no other name for them except the sound they make when i walk), but now those are too small... and when i went last night, the shirt i wore was not only a little tight, but rode up during the different positions we were in during the core class (stupid planks!)... now this is a serious predicament!! i'm too fat for my gym clothes, so i can't get to the gym to get thinner!!

well i'm done venting, no wait, whining, for the day... i'm off to catch up on other blogs... i LOVE reading what people have to say!! and i really like seeing the pics people post of their before and after shots! it really makes me motivated to get there myself!

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Mama Bear June said...

Get right back on that horse and make healthy choices. If you need clothes to wear to the gym, pick up a few things at a thrift store. You can do this!