Wednesday, April 28, 2010

more cake

there is still leftover cake from yesterday... i had a tiny tiny teensy piece... i allowed two points for it, because i'm sure it had something (especially if a regular piece has 10), but i hope that's an overestimation... that puts me at 8 points for breakfast and lunch... i've decided i'm NOT under any circumstances going over points today... i just can't... i went over by three yesterday, which gives me 13 flex points remaining... i just can't use them... weekends are so bad for me that if i use them now, i'm definitely going over this weekend... i'll be screwed! my goal is to stay completely at/under points for today, tomorrow and friday...

i tend to read up on all the latest posts before i write mine... it's not that i can't think of anything to write, i just get so excited i can't help it but to read theirs first... today, i feel motivated by a couple... first is shannon's post at blog to lose... she lost three pounds this week, down to 146.6! unbelievable!! i just can't wait to get there myself, 145 is my ultimate goal! for some reason it just made me realize that i CAN do this if i really put my mind to it... it also made me hate myself for the cake i ate today... grrrrrr...

the other motivation i got was from Diet Goddess's post... she wrote about relating the craziness of dieting to being an alcoholic/drug addict... seriously.... i've been talking about this forever now... i really feel like an alcoholic/drug addict! i obsess soooooo much about food and when i'm going to get my next fix... i just can't stop thinking about it... also sometimes i get the mentality that, ok, i binged today, but i'll start my diet tomorrow... i'll get back on track tomorrow... NOT! tomorrow never seems to come!

but it will... today i'm saying, i'll start my diet YESTERDAY! i started my diet LAST WEEK!! even though i'm struggling with it, i'm still relatively on track... i binge, but mostly on things that are healthy or low in points... i go over points, but not by a lot... i eat cake, but i make it work in my points... i'm determined to make it under points for three days... THREE DAYS... if i do that, my reward for myself is a beer this weekend... i CAN do it... i WILL do it... starting YESTERDAY! :)

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