Thursday, October 4, 2012

Still Playing Catch-Up

Remember how two weeks ago, for the fitness challenge, we were supposed to do a new recipe or food? Well I did, I just didn't get around to posting about it. So, here it is. I went to get my hair colored and cut a while back and while there, I had a conversation with my hairdresser about losing weight and eating right. She has lost a ton of weight recently, and mentioned that her little secret was steaming food with a rice cooker.
Needless to say, the next time I made a trip to Walmart, I stopped in the appliance section and checked out what they had. There were a couple options, but I went with the middle-of-the-line Aroma rice cooker and food steamer. I figured if I really liked it I could ask for a nicer one for Christmas, and being that this one wasn't the cheap (and by cheap I mean shoddy) one, it'll last until I decide what I'd like to do. If I use it a lot, a more expensive one would be worth it.
Anyways, the first time I used it, I put the two cups of brown rice in the bottom and turkey breasts and broccoli on the top. I didn't put enough water in it, so the food on top didn't steam as fast as it should have. As a matter of fact, after the hour cooking time was up, the turkey was still completely raw. Now, I'm a relatively smart person, but I'm completely stupid brainless unwise when it comes to cooking (thus why I rarely cook anything at all, other than things out of boxes with specific instructions printed on the label). So, I had to get my hubby to figure out what I did wrong. He said I needed to add extra water. Finally, after what was supposed to only take an hour, two hours and fifteen minutes later we had a yummy steamed dinner.
I've used it a couple times since and now that I know to add the extra water, the cooking time is down to what it really should be - about an hour. It's extremely convenient - all you do is put the raw food in, add water, turn in on and VOILA - dinner is served. It's pretty much dummy proof (well, unless you don't add enough water... duh). Note, the picture of the food below is actually chicken, asparagus and rice because I forgot to take a pic of the turkey dinner I initially made. But, that's proof that I've actually used it more than once!
Well I'm still sick and taking time off from working out. It's really bothering me because I'm jonzing to get back at it. I just know that if I try too early I'll just make myself even more sick and it'll backfire. So, I'm scheduled for my usual Saturday ride with my father this weekend, and hopefully I'll feel up to it. Knowing him, he'd be fine with just a short slow ride if necessary (wimp).
So I leave you with this little quote I found. It really spoke to me and hopefully someone out there finds it inspiring as well! Happy Thursday (for all you who are working right now sucks to be you that means only one day left until the weekend)!



MojoMissy said...

Love that Muhammad Ali quote! LOVE IT!

Fat Girls Closet said...

I've been tempted to get a rice cooker just because that's the one thing I suck at making. For some reason, it's always either burned to the bottom, or not fully cooked. I suck at rice.