Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fit and Fabulous Fall Challenge Week Four and Week Three Results

Everyone is doing great!!! Here are the standings as of yesterday (percentages are based on total for the first three weeks together):

1st - Lovebug6100 -4% (WOW)
2nd - Me -2.9%
3rd - Bobbi -1.9%
(~Ashley~, Thin Lizzy, Treesa and Fat Girl's Closet chose not to weigh-in this week)

Last week's challenge was to try a new activity or push yourself further in an activity you've been doing. I'm going to get to this soon, I've really been meaning to try the kettlebell class at the Y, but being that I've been sick I didn't get the chance to do it yet.

At the end of this week, we will be half way through the challenge! Wow, it's going by fast!! This week's challenge, though, is to blog about your progress so far and set three goals you'd like to achieve for the last 4 weeks of the challenge.

Good luck and keep at it!!


Lovebug6100 said...

No wow needed on my account...I apparently just had my first WW weigh in backwards with my 3rd...but I'm glad to be participating!! I must've missed the push yourself or try something new...but fortunately I went for a long bike ride, for the first time in well over a year but I'll blog about that later!! Looking forward to setting some goals for he next 4weeks! Great job everyone else!!

Fat Girls Closet said...

Awesome job, ladies!! Can't believe we're halfway through the challenge! And last week's challenge was definitely needed, it felt good to mix up my routine.

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