Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fit and Fabulous Fall Challenge Week 5

Well here we are, the downward slide toward the end of the challenge. It's going by very fast! Don't forget to weigh in today!!
This past week's challenge was to reflect a little on the challenge so far and set three goals for the rest of the challenge. I've been sick for the past couple weeks. I pushed myself through working out and running a 5k and then got even more sick. As a matter of fact, I went on an antibiotic last Tuesday just to find out on Friday that I ended up with an ear infection (HOW that happened WHILE being on an antibiotic is beyond me), so I had to change medications to something stronger and basically start over. I'm really hoping this time off from running and biking doesn't make it harder to get back at it. Therefore, my goals are as follows:
1. Get back to running and biking. Start working out five days a week again, and take that darn kettlebell class at the Y I've been meaning to try forever.
2. Get as close to 180 as possible at the end. My goal is 180 by the time I go back to work on November 13th. This challenge ends on the 6th, so I'd be a week early, but it'd be really nice to hit goal earlier than expected!
3. Go back to logging points on Weight Watchers. Since I've been sick, I stopped keeping track of points because I was eating and drinking to help myself get better, rather than trying to focus on losing weight. I know orange juice is probably high in points and I've been drinking quite a bit in order to keep up the vitamin C. So rather than stressing if I went over points, I just stopped all together.
Anyways, on another high note, here's my weigh-in!

That's right, down another 3.2 pounds down!!
I'm pretty pumped about that weigh-in. It's amazing I've lost at all because I haven't been exercising or watching what I eat. Don't get me wrong, I haven't been going crazy with food or binging or anything, but I haven't been keeping track enough to lose 3 pounds in one week. Actually, most of it's probably from being dehydrated because of my cold, but hey, I'll take it!
Well this week's challenge is to write a post about at least one thing you appreciate in your life. Feel free to share pics!
I'll give you a hint as to what my post will be about:
(Then again, I'm sure you're not surprised)


Bobbi Sharp said...


Fat Girls Closet said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! And that SUCKS about being sick! I've had that kind of stuff happen before though, when I was 18 I got an infection while I was on an antibiotic to prevent an infection... made total sense to me. I still need to post my "goals" and how I'm doing so far! And I'll actually have a weigh-in this time. :)

Bobbi Sharp said...

Okay, so I was browsing for some motivational quotes and ran across this: http://dynorock.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/thighs_ad.jpg

I totally thought you might like it. :D

MojoMissy said...

Oh I would love to hear more about the kettlebell class. I wish my YMCA offered one.

Jennifer said...

OMG! YOU ARE DOING AMAZING!!!! I cant wait to see the 180s on my scale. Unfortunately, I didnt do well this weekend so not getting my hopes up this week. OH well, its never too late to gain back your focus!

~Ashley~ said...

Just realized I forgot to let you know that I played along this week! (Sorry I flaked last!)

Way to keep the scale moving! Remember a few weeks ago when you felt like you couldn't get out of the 200's? Yeah... Just revel in THAT for a minute today :-)


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