Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm still alive, I promise

Hey everyone!! I've been seriously neglecting my blog and all of the blogs I love to read. It's summer. That's all I can say. I have no other excuses. I haven't been doing well at all with my eating, I've been slowly gaining weight, and I haven't been following the workout routine I've wanted to. I guess when I lack a structured daily routine I fall apart. Plus, I've been drinking enough to offset any exercise or healthy eating I DO do! Oh well. Just think of it like this - most people worry about going on vacation for a week and gaining weight and how much it's going to throw off their progress, and for me, that vacation is over 2 MONTHS LONG! My goal is to get into a strong routine in August. At least then I start to go to inservice trainings and stuff, so it's kind of like getting back to work. Plus, the weather here went from cold and rainy to smoldering hot with very few days of nice springy weather in between. So I haven't really gotten outside for a run or bike ride at all. I have been playing softball and teaching my regular aerobics classes on Saturdays. I did picked up an additional aerobics class once a week because the original instructor is on maternity leave, which is nice because it forces me to workout at least twice a week.

Speaking of maternity leave, nothing has happened in that area for me yet. My hubby has continued to use other methods of birth control because he claims he's not 'ready' to begin trying. I asked him when he thinks he'll be ready, and he came up with the same bullshit excuse he did back before we got engaged about getting married - he's not sure when he'll be ready, maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next year. Sometimes I hate men.

So I guess you can't always get what you want, right? Anyways, I'll be back around soon enough. Hang in there! I hope everyone is doing well!!!!


Anonymous said...

Everybody gets behind sometimes :/ I'm on vacation now and can't stop indulging on all the fattening coffees. At least when you're pregnant, you won't be drinking as much and can focus on eating well and exercising for both you and your little one :) Good luck on getting the hubbie on board!!

Jane said...

We all fall off the wagon and get run over by it occasionally, but the main thing is to get back on and keep trying.

Good luck with the hub and bub. I have 4 kids and can still say "I don't know if I am ready" so as Nike says "Just Do It"