Monday, July 18, 2011


#1 I pay $10 a month for a Netflix subscription that I barely use.

#2 I HATE when young people today use 'texting' lingo that's hardly decipherable. I mean, I get the lol and btw, I use those, but when they edit out all the vowels of words and expect you to understand what it all means, that's a little ridiculous.

#3 I'm addicted to crossword puzzles and a matching game that came preloaded on my computer. Yes, a matching game. You know, the kind where you play in kindergarten and flip over cards to find the matches. I guess I'm just trying to keep my mind active to fend off Alzheimer's.

#4 I've gained back all the weight I lost since April. Yep, I'm back to 166. Actually, 165.6, but there's no need to be that particular. The point is, it's back.

You know, a friend of mine once said, "It's so much harder to lose weight when you're older because by that time, your body and your fat are too good of friends to separate." I'm thinking this is very much the case with me, but I'm only 26, so my body and my fat must have fallen in love at first sight.

It's not that I'm not active. Actually, I've been very active this summer - a couple bike rides (indoors and out), teaching twice a week at the Y, softball, swimming, walking throughout the campground. But my diet lately has consisted of hotdogs, hamburgers, chips and alcohol. The only thing keeping me from blowing up into morbidly obesity IS how active I am, actually.

Eh, it's a little difficult to see this written down. But I certainly can't hide from the truth. I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday and barely recognized myself. How did I let my body get so big again?! Oh wait, I already know the answer to that. I remember back when I had lost a ton of weight and was down to a size 6, and my sister told me that I looked good and that when I was in high school I was pretty fat. Well, I weigh more now than I did in high school. Wonder what she thinks of me now.

Anyways, there's my update. My goal is to lose 5 pounds before school starts back up. I just want to be 160. Then, I'll go from there.


Lisa Mancini said...

Good to see you back!!! Sorry bout the gain, but I like your goal. It's been hard lately for me on the eating end too. Alcohol is a big one. Sounds like you're having a busy summer though!!!!

Missy said...

Good for you for setting a goal. Alcohol is my downfall, too. What do you use Netflix for?

Miss S. said...

=( Your sister comment made me sad.

Need to Get ME Back said...

You are not "so big"!!!! 166 is not that big and you know you can easily lose it!

But I am cracking up about your body and your fat falling in love at first sight. I think mine did too! The second it found some fat when I hit puberty, it just decided it was meant to be I guess! I'm breaking them up tho.

ThunderThighs said...

@ Lisa - Thanks :), and it's ok, and yes I am!!

@ Missy - When I do use Netflix, it's to watch episodes of Law and Order SVU and documentaries. Strange combination, huh.

@ Miss S. - Yeah, she doesn't mind expressing her honest opinion.

@ N2GMB - No, I know I'm not SO BIG, it's just sometimes I feel that way. And, yes, I've always been more on the chubby side and I'd LOVE to break them up as well ;)